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Dhankute Siru

Dhankute Siru
Dhankute Siru

Latest New Khukuri for the year 2023 is our famous Sirupate 15 inch blade with a Dhankute Wooden Scabbard. Nepalese favourite Khukuri Sirupate which is often with leather scabbard because is a cutting tool is simple looking with its original scabbard but now with this new Indian rosewood scabbard with brass fittings and brass national symbols will give this Siru the very much needed good looks. Nepalese national sysmbols such as map of nepal, national flower and bird, Gorkha Khukuri symbol and Mount Everest are being placed into the scabbard to represent Nepal.  This new Sirupate is a good one for use and even more better for Display as well cause of its new case. An awesome Khukuri must have for all Khukuri lovers into one's collection. 

Blade 15 Inches
Handle 6 inches
Blade weight 720 grams

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  • Model: Dhankute Siru
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