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Siru Urmate

Siru Urmate
Siru Urmate

"Siru" a name of a leaf that is skinny, slimmer and sharp got this kukri in the making is loved by all Nepalese for their cutting and chopping tool as this kukri has the perfect weight to do the task. It is not too heavy and not too light. The skinny slimmer shape of this blade makes this kukri glide throw the air with ease thus resulting to better performance so favored by locals for everything. It is also loved by the Gurkha soldiers but it is something they would have to buy on his own to use one as it is not the army issue.

However this Siupate is the new version of the old. The shape stays the same but the improvisation is done on the handle for better grip. The kukri can be gripped with one finger at the top and the three fingers at the bottom to maintain firm grip. The handle is also drilled with a hole so one can tie the khukuri on one's thigh. This new sirupate comes with a flat tang blade as it is the strongest. The kukri is also given a rough finish(not polished) so the tempering is more. The unpolished blade is also better for use as the marks are likely to happen spoiling the looks of a kukri. No brass caps on the top of the handle or at the back can be seen like other kukris as this one is purely made for practical use.

Blade Specifications:

Blade Length: 10 Inches ( 25 cm)

Handle Length: 5  inches (12cm)

Spine Thickness: 0.7cm - 0.9cm

Net Weight: 700 grams - 750 grams

Shipping Weight: 1000 grams (1kg)

Blade Finish:  UnPolished

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