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Ganjawal Dragon

Ganjawal Dragon
Ganjawal Dragon

This is a very old kukri and very famous among farmers and villagers in the remote eastern Nepal. Unlike other kukris, this kukri has a number of small tools along with the basic sharpener and small knife at the back of its case used for different purposes thus making it handier and special during trekking and jungle tour. The small extra tools are a chisel, a hole maker, a ear cleaner (a must for villager to kill his time when he has nothing to do) and a tweezers. It also has a extra hole for a pencil to go in if needed to carry one. It also comes with a small pouch at the back of its case to carry dry straws, coins, matches and lime stones or anything valuable. This kukri also has a colorful case making it attractive.

And to make it even more beautiful, this kukri is carved with dragon on both side of the blade by hand using domestic tool.

Actual weight: 600 - 700 grams
shipping weight: 1000 grams
blade: 10 inches 
Blade Finish: Polished

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