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Biltong EDC

Biltong EDC
Biltong EDC

This is the upgraded version of the very old model Biltong khukuri which is of 5 inch blade but with Wider Belly, Thicker spine and much Longer handle for better Hold, an Awesome Every Day Carry kukri. 

The last 5 incher Biltong was much like a knife rather than a Khukuri, this new one is the size of a knife but is much like a Khukuri. it has the cutting belly of a khukuri, spine thickness of a khukuri and handle long enough to grasp it like a khukuri, so this Little New Champion is a Perfect Mini Khukuri for particularly anything. Its time you too upgrade your mini Khukuri.


Hi Carbon 5160 Hardened Steel, Indian Rosewood handle, Water buffalo leather case, 1 x small knife "Karda" and 1 x sharpener "Chakmak"

Blade Specifications:
Blade length: 5 inches
Blade width: 3cm
Blade weight: 220 - 230 grams
Blade total weight: 280 grams

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  • Model: Biltong EDC
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