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Chitlange Retouched

Chitlange Retouched
Chitlange Retouched

This newer version of Chainpure Kukri known as "Chitlange" with a newer shape, longer size for longer reach gets better handle and now is even stronger with the flat tang blade that runs till the end, riveted by three rivets and very comfy handle as the handle has no lumps and bumps or raises as on the traditional handle as it runs straight till the end. This makes the grip more comfortable. You do not feel any sharp raises digging into your palm.

due to scarcity of buffalo horn, this blade will now have Indian rose wood handle.

Actual weight: 750 - 850 grams
Shipping weight: 1500 grams
Blade: 12 inches

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  • Model: Chitlange Retouched
  • Weight: 900.00g
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