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Angkhola Victor

Angkhola Victor
Angkhola Victor
Angkhola Victor
Angkhola Victor
Angkhola Victor

Product Description

New Khukuri Launch Alert!

A Brand New Kukri launch from this House for year 2023. This House is very pleased and excited about this new Khukri called the Angkhola Victor into its wide Khukuri production and collection. Being in the business for the past 30+ years and to stay ahead in this knife business, here comes this new Angkhola. This New Kukri is:

Very much like the Old Traditional Angkhola in shape and size (10 inches) even has the One Ang or Fuller. 


What's New?

Newly designed handle for better grip and for comfortable carry. The butt design adds more grip and very less chance to lose grip in action.  An half and inch Bolster or guard also adds safety to not slip grip against the cutting edge to prevent injury. New handle has no raises and bumps like the traditional handle so No digging your palms. Also had lanyard hole.

New Leather Only Scabbard, is good comfortable carry on belt, very thin, no bulkiness like the old kind. No Karda and Chakmak so this Kukri is more of a Modern kind than traditional kind. 

A Beautiful Kukri never the less. Good feel in hand. The blade that talks to you. Victorious in every way hence the name "Angkhola Victor"
Here's one more reason to add another Khukuri into your collection.
Jai Khukuri!

Blade: 10 inches
Handle: 5.5 inches
Net weight:  580 - 600 grams
weight with scabbard: 900 - 920 grams

shipping weight: 1500 grams 

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