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Khukuri KGN

Khukuri KGN
Khukuri KGN
Khukuri KGN
Khukuri KGN
Khukuri KGN

The latest Khukrui from Khukuri House known as KGN Khukuri that represents Nepal, Gurkhas and the Khukuri itself, a very Beautiful Khukuri blade that is Perfect in every way, a Must have blade.

This Khukuri will be known as "KGN Khukuri". Khukuri itself is more like the current BSI (Bristish Army Standard Issue) representing the Gurkhas, as plain as Authentic it can be, to represent Nepal, what better way than to display the fine wood artistry done on the handle as this nation is known for and mind you, all handle will have different wood engraving so making each blade unique and special. I know there's a ton of khukuris out these days, some not even sure if handmade or not, but this one truly stands out being 100% Handmade and is real and Authentic in every angle. So Not to Miss this Khukuri if you're Big Fan of Khukuri blades, Gurkhas and of Nepal. Jai Khukuri KGN. 
Blade details 
Blade 10.5 inches
Handle 5 inches 
Belly 5cm
Weight blade 590 grams
With cover n kc 770 grams
Shipping weight: 1500 grams.

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  • Model: Khukuri KGN
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