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DK Wooden Khurmi

DK Wooden Khurmi
DK Wooden Khurmi

The shape of this knife is not of a kukri; hence it is called "khurmi". This semi circle shapped knife is mostly used by Nepalese village woman to cut grasses in field etc. A typical sickle shaped grass cutter called "Hasiya" influences this shape. However, the khurmi is given better size and weight so is used by Nepalese village women for their daily household work like cooking, collecting twigs and in the rice fields.

This khurmi is of many types. This one is the prettiest type. Its case and the handle is made of Indian rosewood. National symbols such as the King's crown, national bird and flower and the sign of brave gurkhas (two kukris crossed)can be seen on its case to represent Nepal.

Blade: 9 Inches
Weight: 700 grams
Blade finish: Polished


Hi carbon tempered steel 5160 blade, Rosewood scabbard and handle

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