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Mini Sirupate

Mini Sirupate
Mini Sirupate

The name originally originated from leaf called "Siru" found in hilly regions of Nepal. The shape and size of the knife has been influenced by the fascination of famers towards this leaf. The leaf itself is very sharp and can cut one finger if mishandled. It is much slimmer and lighter compared to other kukris/khukris and yet very effective. It is designed for daily household purposes. The effortlessness easiness and effectiveness of Sirupate makes this kukri/khukri very special. It is also accompanies a male dancer to perform the traditional "Khukuri dance". It is very renowned among Nepalese. It comes in variety of sizes from 8" mini to 18" sacrificial sizes.

This Mini Siru (Skinner) is of 8" blade making this kukri very light as a knife or a dagger but with a curved look and still effective. This Skinner will be perfect for your treks, hiking, camping and fishing and more because of its size and weight. The reason why its called a skinner is what it does here in Nepal.

Blade: 8 Inches
Weight: 500 grams


Hi carbon tempered 5160 steel blade, buffalo leather scabbard, indian rosewood handle, 1 x small knife, 1 x sharpner

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