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  • Order US$100 or less 1 x Cashmere Scarf
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  • US$200+ = 1 x Scarf & 1 x Shawl
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  • US$500+ = 3 x Cashmere Shawl

Model: Lal Bahadur Thapa
His report read "Enemies gun destroyed, Prisoner taken one, Enemies killed Ten, Own casualties Nil, Ammunition expenditure "Nil", such was the swiftness and effortless action of Legendary VC Lal bahadur Thapa on the 5th/6th April 1943 in Rass-es-Zouai, Tunisia, taking command of two sections, made h..
Ex Tax:$109.99
Model: Sirulange
New Sirupate 15" from the stable of Khukuri House called as "Sirulange". Very much like the Sirpates crafted before but with a fuller, black unpolished blade and a different looking leather scabbard. It also has a very comfy Indian rosewood handle and a very well balanced light blade even for this s..
Ex Tax:$149.99
Model: Sirupate 13''
"Sirupate" the name of a leaf found in the hilly region of Nepal is where this kukri gets it name from. This leaf which is slim, long and sharp has influenced farmers towards making of this kukri. The same features are given in this kukri, its slim in spine making it lighter, long for longer reach a..
Ex Tax:$54.99
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