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Khukuri House Thamel now into its 30 years in business has gathered enough experience and knowledge inch by inch, from the tip of a kukri to the end of a blade. Now utilizing it, Khukuri house Thamel has designed these new kukris with new better effective shapes, new improved handles, superior blades, better balanced, higher finishing but always making them the traditional way. Try out these new products and feel the difference.

Chitlange, the newer version of Chainpure with better feel and looks, Kukri Cowboy and Panawal Gripper for longer reach, better strenght, better grip and durability, Angkhola Supreme with bloster for safety guard and many more new Kukris to come.

Model: Panawal Gripper
The "Great Panawal" gets even greater with its new enhanced look. Panawal that was already greater with its hefty weight and immense power behind the blade got even better with finger grip rosewood handle and with a bigger blade making it even more greater, powerful and strong.This new kukri is..
Ex Tax:$79.99
Model: Service No 1:Remade
Product DescriptionThe most popular army Kukri (Service No 1), very famous because of its close association with the Gurkhas gets a remade and now becomes more stronger and steadier because of the flat tang blade invested and with two rivets bolting from both sides.Blade: 10 inchesHandle: 4.5 - 5 in..
Ex Tax:$59.99
Model: Service No 5:Remodeled
This is the newer and improved version of the very famous Army Kukri “Service No 1”.  No 1 Kukri, famous because of its close association with the Gurkhas is issued to all soldiers serving in the “Royal Gurkha Rifles”. However, during this time phrase, KHT (Khukuri House Thamel) has design..
Ex Tax:$64.99
Model: Siru Urmate
"Siru" a name of a leaf that is skinny, slimmer and sharp got this kukri in the making is loved by all Nepalese for their cutting and chopping tool as this kukri has the perfect weight to do the task. It is not too heavy and not too light. The skinny slimmer shape of this blade makes this kukri glid..
Ex Tax:$59.99
Model: Super Sirupate
Latest New Sirupate Khukri to come from the stable of Khukuri House in the year 2021 during the difficult Covid 19 times.A custom order by a good customer asking a Sirupate to be 16 inches long blade and to be as Light as possible got this beautiful Khukuri in the making. The blade on this Siru is o..
Ex Tax:$109.99
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