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Village - Farmer's Kukri

Village series kukris are kukris Nepali farmers use them all over Nepal for their daily cutting and chopping task. Nepal being a agricultural country needs this perfect chopping tool for almost everything, from chopping firewoods to branches, clearing bushes to into muddy paddy fields, to building houses to building dams and even into the kitchen for their domestic use. They are also very important to keep one while travelling one village to another.

However these village kukri differ from one village to another as different blacksmiths have their own fordging and designing so why the name differs also. Sizes too make huge difference when its affectness is concerned. Smaller sizes are used for smaller task and longer heavier ones are used for heavier task.
Model: Bhojpure
This is the most common yet very famous among Nepalese because of its traditional value. It is believed that every Nepali family should own a Bhojpure Kukri for good fortune and prosperity. Some also keep for religious ceremonies. Bhojpure village in the eastern Nepal is renowned for its production ..
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Model: Great Panawal
This is the heaviest of all standard ones. It is especially designed for heavy stressful work because of its good weight, thicker spine and has a special fitting of the blade to the hilt. It has a unique distinct handle where the metal of the blade (full tang) in the handle area is flat, not narrow ..
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Model: Sirupate 10"
The name originally originated from leaf called "Siru" found in hilly regions of Nepal. The shape and size of the knife has been influenced by the fascination of famers towards this leaf. The leaf itself is very sharp and can cut one finger if mishandled. It is much slimmer and lighter compared to o..
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Model: Sirupate 13''
"Sirupate" the name of a leaf found in the hilly region of Nepal is where this kukri gets it name from. This leaf which is slim, long and sharp has influenced farmers towards making of this kukri. The same features are given in this kukri, its slim in spine making it lighter, long for longer reach a..
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