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Special series kukris are kukris that are very unique, hard to make or very hard to find the material used. Some blades are very hard to craft taking days and days and some scabbards and handles are very rare to find. Like horn scabbard of a water buffalo that is very white or colorful making it transparent in light, or handles made of antler horn which are very rare and sometimes ivory handle which are almost impossible to find. They cost a little more but great for your collection.

Ganjawala, a unique Kukri, the only one with more tools than any other kukri and with colorful scabbard. Dhankute Specials with beautiful colorful horn scabbard and with antler horn; a prize collection. 

Model: Classic Pana
This is the simplest of all Kukris. It is a replica of a very simple knife (Kukri) all Nepalese would have one at home for their every day cutting and chopping task in the early nineteen century. It not only served them as a tool but more importantly as a weapon too.  A recent research made to ..
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Model: Classic Special
This new Classic Khukuri by Khukuri House is very much like the "Classic" we do but with just a New Look and a Bit of more details and touch to it. Black Ganjuwal Leather instead of the Normal water buffalo leather, Nice white metal tip with Engraving details to add more class and Nice hand engravin..
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Model: Hansheeya Bone Handle
Product DescriptionThe very popular Khukuri Hansheeya well known for its Circular shape found in knife , the Sickle, used for Grass cutting in Nepal. The same shape takes in the form of a Khukuri and a very popular model in the olden days where one can see many old Khukris taking this shape. For man..
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Model: Khukuri KGN
The latest Khukrui from Khukuri House known as KGN Khukuri that represents Nepal, Gurkhas and the Khukuri itself, a very Beautiful Khukuri blade that is Perfect in every way, a Must have blade.This Khukuri will be known as "KGN Khukuri". Khukuri itself is more like the current BSI (Bristish Army Sta..
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Model: Sirupate Classic
Product DescriptionA very new Sirupate Khukuri blade again from this House for the new year to begin with (2020). This new Sirupate is an Inspired Khukuri from the Golden Era dating a century back. A very long Sirupate truly believed to be a Fighting Kind of blade is 16 inch blade with a 5.5 inch ha..
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