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Mini - Small Kukris

Mini series by Khukuri House Thamel are kukris of sizes 4" - 8" inches blades. Kukri in Nepal or in the grip of a Gurkha soldier is not only a weapon but a handy cutting tool also. These range of sizes are the sizes Nepalese use them in kitchen, in their garden (clearing bushes), while farming, and very popular by trekkers and hikers because of its size making it easy to transport. These mini series are of many types but the quality and the workmanship are the same as the army series.

Mini series comprise of Letter opener as paper cutter (gifts), biltong (for dry meat), super mini jungle (for young lads), mini jungle, mini sirupate and many more.

Model: Biltong EDC
This is the upgraded version of the very old model Biltong khukuri which is of 5 inch blade but with Wider Belly, Thicker spine and much Longer handle for better Hold, an Awesome Every Day Carry kukri. The last 5 incher Biltong was much like a knife rather than a Khukuri, this new one is the si..
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Model: Mini Jungle Guard
The very popular Mini Khukuri called "Mini Jungle" gets invested with a Hand Guard adding more durability and safety. This 8 inch blade Khukuri is just the perfect size blade as a tool for camping, trekking and hiking or for any other task requiring a medium size blade to address to. The guard adds ..
Ex Tax:$59.99
Model: Mini Jungle Plus
Yet another new Kukri blade by Khukuri House, Thamel. This new 8” blade is very much like the “Mini Jungle” for its shape and sizes except for its new improved features. First thing first is the full flat tang invested that goes all the way till the end for better strength to the blade and to the ha..
Ex Tax:$59.99
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