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Ladies - Woman kukris

Ladies khukuri are different than the other kukris. They are different in shape and used by different sex. They are semi circle in shape and looks more like a sickle also known as "Hasiya" in Nepal which is used for grass cutting. However this khurmi has some weight to it so can be used like a normal kukri for cutting and chopping. The only thing different between the kukri and khurmi is the two small knives missing from its scabbard. The khurmi also has a brass bell like thing that makes noises so their men can know where their women are in the forest.

This khurmi are of many types, some have wooden scabbard, some have horn scabbard and different handles.

Model: Ganjawal Khurmi
The shape of this knife is not of a kukri; hence it is called "khurmi". This semi circle shapped knife is mostly used by Nepalese village woman to cut grasses in rice field etc. A typical sickle shaped grass cutter called "Hasiya" influences this shape. "Hasiya" is light in weight and only used for ..
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