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Xclusive Kukri series are Kukris designed by Khukuri House Thamel ( only, utilizing our experience and knowledge we have gained after being in business for 14 years and with the talents of skilled craftmen coming up with new Khukris that this world has ever seen or created and drawing all knife lovers to fall in love with this knife so called "Kukris".

Kukri making has become an art and to creat new Kukris like the "Kukri Apache", "Kukri I-Saw",  "Mini Supreme",  "Svc No 5:Ultimate" and "Khu-Ka-Bar" has been a challenge and is proud to pull it off.

Khukuri House Thamel is working on a few more new Kukris and will launch them as soon as we make them.

Model: Hansheeya Angkhola Wood
A new release for the start of a brand new year 2017 with a brand new Khukuri called Hansheeya Angkhola. Angkhola one of the best Khukuri ever known is now crafted into a shape of a Hansheeya Khukuri hence the name. Beautiful in all angle, beautiful in design, beautifully crafted, the balance and th..
Ex Tax:$119.99
Model: KH Siru
KH Sirupate by this House is a very Special Khukuri utilizing its 25 plus years of experience in the business of Khukuri making. The very popular Khukri, loved by all, home and aboard just got Perfected!How so, Its blade size being a 15 inches, helps it to become a good ideal weapon or a tool t..
Ex Tax:$99.99
Model: Siru Talwar
Product DescriptionThe latest new creation from this House, a Sirupate Sword or Talwar with a 2 handed grip handle, world's first. A custom ask from a customer led in making of this one of a kind Khukuri sword which is beautiful in every way you look at it, the feel of this as a weapon or as a tool ..
Ex Tax:$124.99
Model: Sirulange
New Sirupate 15" from the stable of Khukuri House called as "Sirulange". Very much like the Sirpates crafted before but with a fuller, black unpolished blade and a different looking leather scabbard. It also has a very comfy Indian rosewood handle and a very well balanced light blade even for this s..
Ex Tax:$149.99
Model: Sirulange Plus
New Sirulange 15" from the stable of Khukuri House called as "Sirulange Plus". Very much like the Sirulange crafted before but with a HandGuard, fuller, black unpolished blade and a different looking leather scabbard. It also has a very comfy water buffalo horn handle but Indian rosewood handle can ..
Ex Tax:$179.99
Model: Sirutinpuale
A brand new Sirupate Khukuri for the new year 2022, a very classic Khukuri often found in eastern Nepal, popularly used among the Limbu tribe is often seen crafted with 3 hole Cho or Kaudi is unique among other Khukuri blades. Many other Khukuri manufacturer have crafted this kind before but never d..
Ex Tax:$109.99
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