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Unrefined - Unpolished

Unrefined series kukris are kukris made for raw power. They are especially designed for heavy hectic work and intentionally given a raw finish for daily rough use as polished blade when used would leave marks and scratches spoiling the looks of a kukri. Tempering also would be more comparing to finished (polished) blades as small fraction of tempering will lessen when shining kukri because of heat produced. Grip too would be better with unpolished wood and horn. These raw kukris some how look like old kukris made centuires ago because there were no polishing machines.
Unrefined series comprise of bhojpure, angkhola, panawal, sirupate, chainpure, junky jungle, historic kukris, kukri whacker to name a few.
Model: Panawal Junior
The very popular Kukri "The Great Panawal", known for its strong blade, sturdier handle (full flat tang) and its great weight behind the blade making it very affective for heavy duty chopping is more like an Axe. Few people might want to buy this beauty but later on might decide on its drawback thin..
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Model: Whacker Plus
This New Whacker comes with a Finger Grip Handle for Better Gripping and a Hand Guard protection for hand safety. A serious tool if you are a Whacker and have things to Whack.Blade Specifications:Blade Length: 10 Inches ( 25 cm)Handle Length: 4.5 - 5 inches (12cm)Spine Thickness: 0.9mm - 1cmNet Weig..
Ex Tax:$74.99
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