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Army - Gurkha Kukris

Army kukris series are the series of kukris Gorkha Army used from ancient times that put themselves into the history book to the mordern day issued kukris. They may differ in shape and sizes but the way they were made then and now remains unchanged and so does the only motive when pulled out must taste blood. "Kill or get Killed". Army Kukris series comprise of Jungle Kukri for combat and training, Service No 1 kukri on enlistment, Service Ceremonial kukri for special accasion parade (Modern day), Historic kukri issued in world war I and II, Aaitihasik kukri issued to the Gorkhali army in the 18th century, Nepal Army kukri issued to Nepalese Army during enlistment, Nepal Police kukri to Police forces during their service and Regimental Kothimora for retiring officers from the army.

Model: Historic (Improved)
Based off our famous "Historic" khukuri, this model is the improved version. With the introduction of a flat tang blade, this kukri is stronger and more robust than ever.The Historic (Improved) traces its lineage back to the Mk II, which was in production from 1915-1944. It was this blade that struc..
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Model: Historic (Pride)
This famous kukri "Historic" gets a new look and name from the symbols on its blade. We carefully engrave all the famous Gurkha Regimental Cap Badges; famously known as the "Brigade Of GurkhasMaterialsHi carbon tempered steel blade, Steel hardness-spine=25 RC, belly=46 RC, edge=55 RC, buffalo l..
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Model: Historic (World war I-II)
The kukri played a very significant role in shaping the world during the Second World War, therefore the name "Historic."MaterialsHi carbon tempered steel blade, steel hardness- spine=22-25 RC, belly=45-46 RC, edge=54-55 RC, indian rose wood handle, water buffalo leather case, 1 x small knife, 1 x s..
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Model: Jungle Afghan
New Jungle Warfare kukri for Gurkhas serving in Afghanistan. New color handle and leather.MaterialsHi carbon tempered steel blade, Steel hardness-spine=25 RC, belly=46 RC, edge=55 RC, buffalo leather scabbard, indian rosewood handle, 1 x small knife, 1 x sharpnerWhy the name Jungle Afghan. Well cre..
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Model: Jungle Warfare
It is a totally unpolished full- size khukuri/kukri used for jungle warfare. It is designed for rough use so no finishing is done on the blade. Also, the unpolished handle gives user better grip, easier to handle and the blade will not shine and be seen as they are not polished. It is an optional kn..
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Model: Khukuri Dhansingh
Khukuri Dhansingh is an Inspired Khukuri used by Indian Gorkha Regiment and Lieutenant Colonel Dhansingh Thapa being one of the Legendary Gorkha from Indian Gorkha Regiment.Since Indian Independence in 1947 and per Britian/India/Nepal Tripartite Agreement, the 6th Gorkha Riffles, former British..
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Model: Khukuri Tuljung
The very famous Khukuri Tuljung named after a very Brave Gurkha soldier Lance Corporal Tuljung Gurung who won the Military Cross after fighting off with Taliban with his Khukuri blade. Gurung tackled the gun-wielding insurgents armed only with his razor sharp Khukuri blade and forced them to fl..
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Model: Kothimora Regimental
othimora means khukuri/kukri having silver scabbard. The case is exclusively designed using pure silver filigree with top quality velvet background. Different beautiful patterns are carved having cultural and traditional values using only domestic tools. It is a very special and old type of khukuri ..
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Model: Nepal Army
This khukuri/kukri is issued to Nepalese Army on enlistment and they retain it throughout their army career. It is a part of their armor and well looked after until they retire and a prize possession after retirement. This khukuri/kukri must have played a great part and been a great companion during..
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Model: Nepal Police
Khukri being the national knife of Nepal, it is issued to all Nepalese forces including the Nepal Police. This khukri is slightly different than issued to the army. It is a little heavier, more curved and with a bit more widht making it more effective during use. Rosewood is used for the handle. The..
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Model: New Nepal Army
Product DescriptionThis new khukuri could be the next Nepal Army issued khukuri. They had it designed and this House was happy to craft for them and it has become a great new blade but yet to be approved by the Nepal Army officials. Its time they change the old style.Blade length: 9 inchesHandle: 4...
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Model: Service No 1 Khukuri
Among all khukuri/kukris, the Service no.1 is the most famous because of its close association with the Gurkha soldiers. It is issued to all British Gurkha soldiers on enlistment and they retain it throughout their army career. This knife is used during regular parades and also worn on duty. The bla..
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