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Hansheeya Boner

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The very popular Khukuri Hansheeya well known for its Circular shape found in knife , the Sickle, used for Grass cutting in Nepal. The same shape takes in the form of a Khukuri and a very popular model in the olden days where one can see many old Khukris taking this shape. For many collectors, this Khukuri is a prize possession and they were often found with Ivory handles. With Ivory now a Illegal material, we at Khukuri House have used Water Buffalo Bone handle to replace the handle and still carry that Ivory handle look. An upgrade too has been made with the Leather comparing to the Normal Hansheeya Khukuri. A Better looking Hansheeya Khukuri in all angel. Grab one yours today.


Blade Specifications:
Blade Length: 15 Inches ( 38 cm)
Handle Length: 5 - 5.5 inches (12cm)
Spine Thickness: 0.7mm - 0.9mm
Net Weight: 750 grams - 850 grams
Shipping Weight: 1500 grams (1.5kg)
Blade Finish: Semi Polished


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