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Khukangri Hadde

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A very new Khukuri from the stable to Khukuri House which is a 13" Full Angkhola Khukuri, beautifully shaped and with a water buffalo Bone handle with Ganjawal type pattern leather scabbard. 

Bonner are not good handle in terms of use but we at KH, this Bonner can even stand up for lighter use. Bone handle are much like replacement of Ivory handles used in the very special Khukuri centuries ago when ivory was still legal and was plenty to find. Once it got rare, expensive and an illegal material, these bone handle made its way. There are many examples of Old Khukuris made hundreds of years ago using bone handles and are Fine display Khukuris. If you are looking for a Fine Craftsmanship khukuri with a bit of Ivory looking kind, this is the one, not to miss out. 


Blade Specifications:
Blade Length: 13 Inches ( 33 cm)
Handle Length: 5 - 5.5 inches (14cm)
Spine Thickness: 0.8mm - 0.9mm
Net Weight: 750 grams - 800 grams
Shipping Weight: 1500 grams (1.5kg)
Blade Finish: Semi Polished

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