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Blast From Past

Blast From Past are the series of Khukuri blades that were used many years ago, it could be a decade old or centuries ago but these Khukuri blades no longer exists now a days and are now just collectibles only. The wonderful skills those craftsmen had in the olden days were never carried on which led to extinction of these marvelous blades. As times changes so did the craftsmanship and the craftsmen hence the stoppage to those old styles and models. But here comes Khukuri House to revive all these golden blades. There are many and were the Prides and Jewels of Nepal and this House with our most skilled craftsmen would revive them one by one until all are restored. It would be a prize possession to own one of these in your collection, to go back into those golden old moments and relive the history of Khukuris

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Bhojpure Royal
Khukuri House has come up with a Brand new Khukuri named "Bhojpure Royal". Sirupate and Bhojpure Khu..
Johnny Gurkha
Jai Mahakali. "Aayo Gurkhali" the battle cry of the Gurkhas meaning "Gurkhas are upon you". This war..
Khukuri Dhansingh
Materials Hi carbon tempered steel blade, steel hardness- spine=22-25 RC, belly=45-46 RC, edge=54..
Khukuri Hanshee
Origin Dharan - East Nepal Materials Hi carbon tempered steel blade, steel hardness- spine=..
Khukuri Lal Bdr Thapa
His report read "Enemies gun destroyed, Prisoner taken one, Enemies killed Ten, Own casualties Nil, ..
MK1 Kulbir Khukuri
Rfn. Kulbir Thapa won the first Gurkha VC in France, 1915! With him in mind and the great Khukuri kn..