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Khukuri Gallery

Khukuri House Thamel has collected some photos of Gurkhas and Kukris to make learning and understanding easier for its customers as “action speaks louder than words”

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Aayoo Gurkhali
Gurkhas war cry Jai Mahakali Aayoo Gurkhali, is war cry of the brave Gurkha soldier. When a Gurkha ..
Bir Gorkhali
Gurkha Soldier It is better to die than to be a coward. Brave motto from the brave Gurkhas. Run the..
Born fighter
Nepali armed with a kukri You don't have to join the Gurkhas to become great soldiers, a nepali is ..
Bunker Raid
Bunker Raid Here we have a group of 10th Gurkha Rifle gurkhas raid a bunker in Burma in 1943. ..
Dhaka topi
Nepalese National Hat ..
Don't mess
Don't mess with a gurkha Gurkhas the most feared soldiers in the world and their sharp kukris are t..
Genuine Khukuri Blades
Genuine Khukuri Blades The five new Khukris by Khukuri House Thamel( The Khu-Ka-..
Ghurka Soldier (1930)
Ghurka Soldier armed with kukri in 1930 Here's a ghurkha soldier armed with a kukri in 1930. A ghur..
Gorkhas blades
Gorkhas blades Gorkhas(Gurkhas) blade the kukri(khukri) is a medium-length curved knife each Gurkha..
Gurkha a faithful friend
Most bravest and generous As i write these words my thoughts return to you who were my comrades, th..
Gurkha VC Holders
Gurkha VC Holders with HM Queen Elizabeth 2nd Victoria Cross, the highest British Army medal in the..
Gurkhas in action
Last bullet Gurkhas and kukris, inseperable and indespensible force that can not do without the oth..
Khukuri blades
Khukuri blades of KHT Quality kukri blades made by Khukuri House Thamel. ..
Khukuri Blades
Kukri blades of KHT Quality kukri blades by Used by Gurkhas and Nepalese of all ..
Khukuri Handling
Kukri Handling Drawing a kukri out from its scabbard can be dangerous if not done the right way. On..