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Welcome to Khukuri House

Khukuri House Thamel is the manufacturer and distributor of the finest Kukris in Nepal. Established by Mr. lalit Lama, an ex-British Gurkha Warrant Officer in 1993 is the first genuine Gurkha Knife store in the heart of thamel (tourist area) in Katmandu, Nepal. It also is the only supplier of Kukris to the British Gurkha Units, the Gurkha Contingent of Singapore Police, the Gurkha Reserve Unit in Brunie and the Gurkha Museum in the UK. The House now sends its kukris to number of shops all over the world as well as retailing its kukris in Kathmandu.

What is Khukuri
Khukuri is a medium-length curved knife each Gurkha soldier carries with him in uniform and in battle. In his grip, it is a formidable razor sharp weapon and a cutting tool. In fact, it is an extension of his arm. When his rifle misfires, or when his bullets have run out, a Gurkha unsheathes his Kukri makes his final “do or die “run on the enemy in a fury to finish the business. This scene created the romance and the legends. What it really did, and still does, is a super-clean slaughter; the enemy tumbles down in two clean pieces and in surprise!–because his is the kindest, quickest death because it is the quickest.

  Be aware of Imitation  

Khukuri House Thamel, estd in 1993 has proved to be the best manufacturer of kukris in Nepal. Of late, some kukri shops and their sites have come up which deals in imitation of our kukris. We strictly caution our customers to be aware of such scamps and pledge to uphold the reputation of genuine kukri manufacturer.